3D photography is already in the wedding industry.

Step into the astonishing world of 3D wedding photography from ORLINSKY Studio. Our photo studio is the first in Canada to offer the innovative service of 3D wedding photography. To view the 3D photos, special anaglyph 3D glasses are required. As you browse through the 3D wedding photos, you’ll feel as though the key moments of your celebration come to life before your eyes, creating a sense of presence. You’ll even be able to reach out and almost touch the moments you experienced on your wedding day. Your memories will transform into living scenes, giving you the opportunity to relive your wedding in an exciting 3D space. Thanks to the 3D photographs, you’ll be amazed by the sensation of presence and reality captured in each moment. Give yourself the incredible opportunity to relive your happiest day over and over again by immersing yourself in the 3D space

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