Ruslan Orlinsky Wedding photographer

Hi, my name is Ruslan Orlinsky. Let me introduce our studio.
ORLINSKY Photo Studio is renowned in various corners of the world for our unique approach to wedding photography. With over 17 years of experience as a wedding photographer, Ruslan combines his artistic vision with a keen sense of beauty and a formal education in fine art photography.

Now, after many photo shoots in Ukraine, Cyprus, the USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Barbados and South Africa, ORLINSKY Photo Studio has arrived in Canada, offering this high-quality service in Toronto. Additionally, our studio has conducted numerous workshops and masterclasses for wedding photographers aiming to elevate their craft to a new level in wedding photography. Also to date, we are the only photo studio in Canada offering the service of 3D wedding photos. We always try to envelop each couple in a warm and friendly atmosphere, ensuring that every captured wedding photograph reflects the individuality and beauty of their love.
We will skillfully capture all tender moments of your wedding day, and create a visual narrative filled with passion and sensuality

It was unforgettable to have a wedding photo shoot in San Francisco.

Our team of photographers is participating in a wedding expo.

I am conducting a masterclass on 3D photography for photographers.

My beloved wife is my inspiration.

I met a police officer in Vancouver and invited him for a cup of coffee.

My brother and I found a real whale rib; we could barely lift it.